About Contact Lenses

Thinking about contact lenses? A contact lens is a small, ultra thin corrective optical lens which floats in the tear film over the cornea of the eye. Contact lenses usually serve the same corrective purpose as glasses, but are lightweight and virtually invisible.

They do function much like regular eye glasses—refracting and focusing light so that objects appear clearly. Since the lenses stick to the tear fluid on your eye surface, they move naturally with you. However this is only one of the advantage contacts have over glasses.

There is no age limit: babies can wear them, and so can seniors. Many eye care professionals begin to encourage contact lens wear at age 11 to 14. The real issue for teens is not age, but whether they are responsible enough to wear and care for contact lenses properly. Parents, teens, and their eye care practitioner must make this decision together.

A contact lens teach or fitting is usually performed as part of a complete eye exam. So there will likely be a series of tests for depth perception, near and distance vision and the over all health of the eye. We also teach here in store and show you how to insert your contact lenses and take them out safely multiple times so we know you are confident. We will review you with in two weeks of your contact lens teach.

What we offer

Hard and soft contact lenses

Contact lenses can be hard or soft. Most contact lenses are soft as they are made with water inside the lens (hydrophillic) and are extremely thin.

Hard contact lenses (or Rigid Gas Permeable lenses) are able to replace the natural shape of the cornea with a new surface. This can provide a good level of vision for people with distorted corneal shapes (such as keratoconus). However, these lenses are not as comfortable as soft contact lenses and require a period of adaptation before full comfort is achieved.

Contact lens wear regimens

Daily wear

Daily wear contact lenses are designed to be removed prior to sleeping. Depending on the type of lens, these lenses have a life of two weeks or one month.

Daily disposable

This lens is worn for one day and then thrown away at the end of the day. This lens is hassle free with no cleaning and lens care involved.


Types of lens


These lenses correct basic vision problems such as myopia (near-sighted) and far-sightedness.


These lenses correct astigmatism by compensating for the shape of the eye. Toric lenses are made from the same material as spherical contact lenses but have a few extra characteristics. Toric lenses are designed to maintain orientation regardless of eye movement and have a specific top and bottom of the lens.


Multifocal contact lenses provide both far and near vision corrections. This is achieved by providing simultaneous distance and near vision. Commonly these are designed with the distance correction in the centre of the lens and near correction in the periphery.

Coloured Contact Lenses

We have a variety of options and colours for a special event, look or just for general wear. These contacts can be purchased as dailies or fortnightly lenses. Before getting your lenses we will conduct a thorough eye examination and fit for contacts which may incur a consultation fee.

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