Frequently Asked Questions

What is behavioural optometry

Behavioural optometry is an expanded area of optometric practice.

When you visit your behavioural optometrist, you may notice a difference in your examination. It will be more comprehensive, as you will be tested for specific visual skills in addition to checking your eye health and measuring your eyesight.

And you will receive the clinical guidance you need to develop the skills which provide for an efficient visual system.

Why Behavioral Optometry?

Our ancestors had hunter’s eyes for survival in the wilderness; their vision was designed for spotting game and enemies at a distance.

In the last 100 years we have been forced to deal with sustained, near visual tasks and the resulting stress on the visual system has produced many symptoms and problems.

If you experience headaches, blurred vision, tired, itchy or watery eyes or other vision linked problems, you may already know how uncomfortable sustained visual stress can feel. Your discomfort may be related to the heavy vision load of working at near distances.

How often should I have an eye test?

We recommend every 12 months for children and adults. It is important to have children’s eyes tested before they start school. We start eye testing at the age of 6 months.

Why is my vision blurry while using my computer at work?

  • Fatigue
  • Lens prescription required
  • Dry Eyes
  • Prescription outdated

Why do I need to book an appointment for fitting my spectacles after ordering them?

We like to fit everyones glasses so that they are comfortable for the intended purpose of.  We need to ensure the measurements are exact to when we took them in store.  When they come back from the laboratory we may need to do some adjustments to the frame again.

We also will explain how to use the lenses and ask any questions.  Where needed we will book you in for a review to see how the prescription is meeting your needs.

Life time cleaning and adjustments of your spectacles.

Is my eye test bulk billed?

In most circumstances Yes!  However if you have already claimed a full health check through Medicare with an optometrist in the last 3 years and you require or have requested a full eye health check or 2nd opinion, then there will be an out of pocket expense. We provide some helpful information on our Bulk Billing page, or if you have any other questions please call us and we will be happy to discuss further.

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